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        2. Supporting Families and Friends of Prisoners

          Great News
          “Affect awarded further National Lottery Community Fund grant of £4,500 to continue its expansion in 2022/3, enabling recruitment and training of more Telephone Support Workers”

          Welcome to Affect

          AFFECT (Action For Families?Enduring Criminal Trauma) are a group of people who currently have, or have had, a family member in prison. Founded in 2001 we aim to help others like us?by offering confidential and non-judgemental support, regardless of length of sentence or type of offence. ?We do not discriminate, and are supportive of those who choose to support their loved one and those who choose not to support their loved one. ?Please?contact us if you think we may be able to help you.

          Charity No?1097087

          Future Dates – Saturdays

          Trust Board 10am-12noon


          Group Gatherings 1pm-3pm

          “by invitation- please contact us on?affect01@hotmail.com?for joining details”